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Hi, my name is René. I am 34 years old and work as a graphic- and webdesigner in Dresden, Germany. I’ve been running the FWK-ART platform since June 2009. My specialty is pyromedia. I take photos and videos of fireworks for different occasions around the globe – with passion and joy.

Quality has its price. With FWK-ART you get great film- and photo material to fair conditions. Therefore, don´t hesitate to send a nonbinding E-Mail using the contact form at our platform. We will get in touch with you shortly.

FWK-ART and its partners have a lot of experience in filming and photographing fireworks. Many organizers and pyrotechnicians have been content with our work. Through their recommendations our clientele still keeps growing and often stay as loyal customers to our service.

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Trailer production

Great Cinema.

In addition to the main fireworks we produce Setup Videos. From this raw material we create short and impressive trailer, which are very time intensive and complicated of production. Exact cuts, a dynamic cinematography and emotional scenes provide goosebumps moments. Our Videos speak a language.

Feuerwerk VideoS

FullHD & 4K and that certain "I'm here look and feel".

FullHD & 4K! The quality of our Videos has in course of time improved enormously and we achieved in the Pyromedia scene relatively high quality with realistic images and great sound experience. Important in our work is the dynamics and the "I'm Here, look and feel" of the Videos.

Feuerwerk Fotos

True detail and dimensional fireworks photos

Feuerwerk Fotos FWK-ART Beispiel Feuerwerk Fotos FWK-ART Beispiel

Colourful! Fireworks photos with a resolution of up to 96 mega-pixels, superior dynamic range and a plastic look and feel. Our fireworks photos are colorfast, Highly detailed and unmistakable. Thanks to full-frame and high-quality lenses are crystal clear fireworks photos with and bringing their own style guaranteed.

The orchestra!

Apart from a great picture quality, the sound should not be neglected. A balanced noise scenery and oppressive bass of fireworks shell make the video to an orchestra. Click on play and you will hear an example of a Fireworks from Italy.


A feast for the eyes. The client does not decide to work and effort, he chooses to visual features and want to see what he gets. The promotional video in an elegant glossy DVD cover will convince your clientele!

DVD-Cover Beispiel DVD-Cover Beispiel

References- / projects

Here I have compiled a small selection.

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  • Dresdner Walzernacht 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Pyroforum 2013 (BK Feuerwerk-Vertrieb GmbH)
  • Feuerwerkersinfonie Potsdam 2013
  • Pyronale 2012, Berlin (Presse)
  • Pyro Games 2013 (Feuerwerke Kürbs)
  • Pyro Games 2012 (Hanse Pyroshows, Kürbs)
  • Pyro Games 2010, 2011 (Feuerwerke Kürbs)
  • Ostsee in Flammen 2010, Grömitz
  • Sail 2010, Bremerhaven (Comet)
  • Dresdner Stadtfest (Alle Jahre wieder)
  • Hochzeitsfeuerwerk (Pyro-Magic Feuerwerke)
  • Feuerwerke für PyroZunft, Tom Röder, Comet Feuerwerk
  • Etliche andere Feuerwerke zu Hochzeiten, Geburtstagen...