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Star Citizen for Beginners – Game Package, Free fly, FPS Mining

Star Citizen for Beginners – Game Package, Free fly, FPS Mining | fwkart.de

Star Citizen is an online space flight simulation for Windows systems with combat and trading elements. Star Citizen was developed by the Wing Commander series of well-known game developer Chris Roberts. In April 2012, Chris Roberts founded Cloud Imperium Games. Star Citizen is the largest crowdfunded project to date, earning the game an award in the Guinness Book of Records.

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You want to become a citizen of the Star Citizen universe, you have to do two things:

  1. Register your account. Before you become a citizen in the verse, you must create a user account. Think exactly what you want to be called in the game.

    Tip: Use my Referral Code to create your account and you will get 5000 aUEC for free.

  2. After registration, select your game package.
    All game packages: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/game-packages

Choose your Game Package


Star Citizen is a full price game in an alpha phase. Each game package includes the game as a digital download and a ship. There are of course many more packages with much better ships to choose from and more extras. But if you want to try the game first, choose the game package with the Mustang Alpha or the Aurora MR.

The Mustang Alpha and the Aurora MR differ mainly in one point: The Mustang is a fighter, the Aurora a merchant ship. Of course you have to make this choice yourself. The important thing is, if you want to become a fighter or a pirate, you need money. My tip is to choose the Aurora MR, work and earn money. You can always rent or buy new ships inGame.

Earn your first money in Star Citizen

Star Citizen Pyro RYT Multi-Tool
Photo: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/

Once you have created your account with my link, you will have enough money for the basic equipment for mining and weapons for self-defense. You will meet 90% peaceful players in Star Citizen. But when it comes to money, everyone is an enemy.

Before you can start as a miner, you need the basic mining equipment:

  • MacFlex “Backpack” Core (3,100 aUEC)
  • Pyro RYT Multi-Tool (452 aUEC)
  • Ore Bit Mining Attachement (340 aUEC)

These three items are a basic requirement to earn money quickly and easily in Star Citizen!

  • You can get the MacFlex “Backpack” Core at Port Olisar (where you will enter the game for the first time), Grim Hex, Loreville and Area18.
  • The Pyro RYT Multi-Tool and the Ore Bit Mining Attachement are available at Levski, Area18 and Loreville.

Once you have bought all the items, you can begin. To be able to successfully mine, you currently (October 2019) have 15 abandoned caves on Daymar, Hurston and Aberdeen at your disposal. Caves can either be accessed directly via the Starmap, or you can accept them in the orbit of Daymar, Hurston and Aberdeen via Investigation missions.

Investigation missions have the advantage that these caves are usually not harvested. An additional advantage of an Investigation mission is that you get extra money if you find the missing person.

Minerals, Ores and Gemstones

You can recognize ore containing rocks by their coloured inclusions:

  • Dolivine is green (130 aUEC)
  • Aphorite is purple (152,50 aUEC)
  • Hadanite is pink (275 aUEC)

Take your time. Not all occurrences are easy to find. Search the caves carefully for stones with colourful lines. That’s all you as a beginner in Star Citizen must have to earn your first money. Money is very important in this game. And later, when Star Citizen becomes final, what you have is very important.

Star Citizen requires a lot of time and rest. Your virtual character will eventually be valuable. Fights against other players will affect your character. If you die in the game, your personality will be destroyed. You will awaken to new life as a Clon with genetic limitations that will affect your status.

I hope I was able to help you. Show it with a comment and create your account with my link. Many thanks 🙂



Free Fly Events

Take to the Skies

Newsletter October 28, 2019

Dear Citizen,

In celebration of the recently deployed Alpha 3.7 patch, we’ve just launched a Free Fly event. There’s never been a better time to bring your friends into the fold, with the opportunity to try out the game for free and hop in one of five popular ships all week long starting from today at 7:00pm UTC to November 3rd at 6:59am UTC.

Available to test-fly are stalwart starter ships like the Mustang Alpha and Aurora MR, beloved mainstays the Avenger Titan and Cutlass Black, and Alpha 3.7’s newly flyable Banu Defender. 

And for a limited time, new players can keep the adventure going after the Free Fly at a discounted rate. Now through November 5th, at 4:00 pm UTC, each ship is available in a discounted game package, perfect for new players who want to get right back into the ‘verse.

What’s more, if you refer a friend and they end up backing Star Citizen during the Free Fly, you’ll receive your very own Kruger P-52 Merlin. Click here for more information. 

So, what are you waiting for? Spread the word; from now until November 3rd, there’s never been a better time to get into the ‘verse.


Star Citizen Team

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