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Play Star Citizen for free, Free fly

Find out on this page when you can play and test Star Citizen for free and get free fly bonuses. Star Citizen is a full price game.

Star Citizen is a full-price game. You can only test Star Citizen for free during Free Fly events that take place several times a year. If you want to buy Star Citizen or play it for free at a Free Fly event, create your account for free with my referral code and get your player name.

You will also get 5,000 UEC worth $5 USD as bonuses for free. Try the game at a Free Fly event and decide on a game package later.

Referral Code:

Next Free fly event - Try Star Citizen for free.

The next Free fly event will take place:

18 to 30 November

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2952 (IAE2952) will once again feature a free fly. The IAE is the largest ship exhibition in Star Citizen! Test over 100 spaceships and vehicles for free. 

When you log into the game for the first time, choose New Babbage as your starting location.

Current year in Star Citizen

In Star Citizen we are 930 years in the future. We are currently in the year 2952

First steps

To play Star Citizen, you need to create an account, download the launcher and install the game.

  1. Create your account. Click here
    Make sure that the 12-digit code is pre-filled.
    Code: STAR-2MXF-NG7V
  2. Download the launcher. Click here to download
  3. Install the launcher, open it and log in with your account data.
  4. Click on Install

After you create your account with my referral code, you will need a game pack. The game package contains the game as download and a spaceship. You can choose between the standard starter packs or, if you want to spend a little more money, buy a better ship.

Important. During a free flight event there are often discounted offers.

My starter package tips for you

With the Mustang Alpha, you have everything you need to get started. You can play delivery missions and the Mustang is a good fighter for bounty missions. However, the Mustang doesn’t have a bed, so you can’t respawn on planets/moons or anywhere else in the universe.

If you want to invest a little more money, opt for the game package with the Avenger Titan or the CO. NOMAD. The Avenger is a light space fighter and freighter that can defend itself. The Nomad is a pickup that you can use to transport a ROC, for example, to prospect on planets and moons.

Remember that you can buy many other ships in the game WITHOUT spending extra money.

Nobody knows where the journey with Star Citizen will go. Will Star Citizen fail or will it become the biggest MMO in the world? For this reason, you should register your account and get your player name. Also because CIG is working on naming ships. And if your player name is already taken, it’s even more annoying.

Star Citizen is in an open development phase. You’ll experience ups and downs that will drive you to the edge of madness, but you’ll also have a lot of fun with friends or alone. Thus, you must be aware that the game won’t run optimally. It will be jerky, you’ll experience crashes to desktops and server crashes.

If you don’t want to invest any money, you can play Star Citizen for free every time for a free fly. These events take place several times a year. When a Free fly-Event takes place, you can find out on the RSI website or here on this page. It is possible that I am not up to date with the upcoming Free fly date.

Money is always important in an MMO. In Star Citizen, you earn money quickly at the beginning with mining and delivery missions.


For mining on foot, you will need the Pyro RYT Multi-Tool, the Ore Bit Mining Attachment and a MacFlex “Rucksack” Core. For mining with a ground vehicle, you will need the Greycat ROC and with a spaceship, the Misc Prospector or Argo Mole.

On Youtube you can find guides that will help you.

The world of Star Citizen is huge and the game already has many technical challenges. The developers have created a guide that will take you by the hand. The guide is in English.

System requirements

Star Citizen is very badly optimized at the moment (alpha 3.17). You can get a good indication from the telemetry data that CIG provides. The RAM is important. You should have at least 32 GB installed, since Star Citizen reserves around 20 GB.

  • Windows 8 (64bit), Windows 10 – Anniversary Update, Windows 11 (64bit)
  • DirectX 11.1 Graphics Card with 3 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
  • Quad Core CPU with AVX instructions (Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor and AMD’s Bulldozer processor or newer)
  • 16 GB RAM (32 GB recommended)
  • SSD strongly recommended

Questions and answers

Star Citizen is currently still in development. From time to time, a wipe will occur that will reset your account to zero. This means that all of your progress will be reset. This affects money, reputation, ships, vehicles, and equipment purchased in-game. The wipe will NOT affect your real money items such as ships.

Cloud Imperium Games protects players with Easy Anti-Cheat software, which counteracts hacking and cheating in multiplayer PC games through hybrid anti-cheat mechanisms.

There will always be glitches, the exploitation of which will naturally lead to a permanent ban. However, it won’t be that easy to cheat in Star Citizen, since the entire infrastructure is streamed server-side. Everything will later be stored in online databases and constantly synchronized. Money glitches or the use of mod menus will be rather excluded.

Your entry fee is currently 20.000 aUEC. If you created your account with my referral code, you will receive 5.000 UEC from CIG. So you have 25.000 aUEC available in the game as starting money.

In Star Citizen, there are a few important days that are celebrated. The most important days are:

UEC = United Earth Credits. This is the game currency in Star Citizen. Currently the game is in development. Therefore the current game currency is called aUEC. This currency will be replaced to UEC when Star Citizen is released.

As in many games, you can also buy the game currency UEC in the store on the RSI website. 5,000 UEC costs a little over 5 Dollars/Euros.

The Star Citizen community is huge and there are many important links that are very technical but will help you with many situations. Here are a few links for you.

Yes there is an official forum called Spectrum. Here you will find chats in different languages as well as numerous threads for problems, bugs, tips, frustration and official patch notes to inform the community on the development of Star Citizen.

Star Citizen – Spectrum (

Yes, you must contact support with a ticket within 30 days. Please include the following information (found in the order confirmation email):

  • Order ID
  • Quantity
  • Item in the order

More information:

Social media

You can find me on Youtube, on Twitter and on Discord (still under construction).

fatcatplays Star Citizen Youtube

Current Star Citizen referral code bonuses

No bonus known yet

Latest referral bonuses

Alpha 3.17.2 - Free fly referral bonus and play Star Citizen for free

Free fly Star Citizen kostenlos testen kostenlos spielen HoverQuad

For Alpha 3.17.2, CIG again launched a Free Fly event where you could play Star Citizen for free. If you created an account through a referral link and purchased a game pack during this period, CIG gave you a HoverQuad worth $30.

Alpha 3.15 - Free fly referral bonus and play Star Citizen for free

Star Citizen kostenlos testen Argo Cargo Star Citizen Referral Code

Play Star Citizen for free – In the upcoming Alpha 3.15, every step will count as the stakes in the Verse are raised forever. Soon you’ll be able to go underground to face new challenges, take out your enemies with heavy guns or fly all over the place at your whim. Just make sure to keep an eye on your treasures and maybe bring a medic, because Alpha 3.15 has deadly consequences.

Starting today, November 1, you can play Star Citizen for free, get this year’s Ship Showdown champion, the Argo MPUV-1C, for FREE with our latest referral bonus. And since this ship won the Ship Showdown crown this year, you and your recruit will also receive the MPUV Best in Show paint job, Argo flight jacket, and backpack.

Alpha 3.16 - Free fly referral bonus and test Star Citizen for free

Star Citizen kostenlos spielen Artimex Lodestone Armor Star Citizen Referral Code

Try Star Citizen for free – Alpha 3.16.1 adds another layer of action to Star Citizen, with abandoned ships hiding treasures and deadly traps, fast-paced chases on hoverbikes, and bounty hunts in the atmosphere of the system. And you can enjoy it all in style by referring a friend. Thanks to the color Lodestone, armor and weapons match perfectly.

Quirinus Tech Artimex Lodestone Armor. Intricately designed with form and function in mind, the Artimex armor features a unique cowl that fans out over the helmet and a knee-length fitted cape.

Gemini A03 Lodestone Sniper Rifle. Popular with security professionals throughout the Empire, the A03 rifle features a high rate of fire perfect for long range use.

Alpha 3.13 - Free fly referral bonus and test Star Citizen for free

Star Citizen kostenlos spielen Aurora ES Star Citizen Referral Code

Try Star Citizen for free in the upcoming Free Fly. Whether you’re exploring the depths, tackling new missions, or making a name for yourself with the new reputation system, Alpha 3.13 is better with a co-pilot by your side.

Our latest referral bonus gives you and the new players you refer RSI’s iconic all-rounder, the Aurora ES, for free!

Star Citizen wallpapers and screenshots

Here you can see some Star Citizen screenshots and wallpapers. Feel free to use them as wallpapers for your desktop and smartphone or Youtube thumbnails. Credits would be great o7